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Who we are

Yellow'Coq is a Cameroonian Agrotech startup whose ambition is to set up a modern and digitalized factory for large scale production of poultry products (chickens, eggs, chicks, feed) on the one hand, and distribution, processing of chickens into agri-food products on the other hand.

On the one hand, we propose to supply households and restaurants with local organic products at reduced costs such as
- Fresh chicken and derivatives
- Table eggs
- Agri-food products, etc...
On the other hand, we wish to position ourselves as a preferred partner of traditional and semi-intensive breeders, providing them with inputs and tools. (chicks, fertilized eggs, feed, digital monitoring and management solutions) needed for their farms.

To be the very first distributor of chickens and derived products to households in Cameroon at reasonably low prices, and to position itself among the leading players in the poultry and agri-food sector.


Since the ban on the importation of frozen chickens in Cameroon, it is up to local producers to produce to meet local demand, which is not easy because over the last 4 years Cameroon has recorded a deficit of at least 160 000 tons of chicken/year.

According to a study by Gicam (Groupement Interpatronal du Cameroun) presented in December 2019, over the next 15 years there will be a deficit of around 183 419 tons of poultry that will have to be filled to be self-sufficient in chicken meat in Cameroon.
Why invest in us

A gold deposit

Returns on investment are faster with substantial margins.

Poultry deficit

Chicken production is essentially concentrated in 03 regions out of 10 in Cameroon and these regions alone cannot feed the entire territory, hence the deficit.


Our innovative business model, our ambitions to transform and industrialize the entire poultry production chain in Cameroon.

The Fight Against Poverty

Participer à la création d’une chaine de valeurs unique, offrir des emplois et promouvoir l'autosuffisance alimentaire en Afrique.

Partenaires & Investisseurs

Investisseurs de Yellow'Coq, Kiro'o Games est l'incubateur de ce projet et assure le mentoring des fondateurs.

A travers la méthode Rebuntu, ce projet à été maturé et prototypé.

Basée à Paris, VIP services propose des services de transport haut de gamme dans toute l'Europe depuis 2000 et est investisseur de yellow'coq depuis 2021.

Contact Us

We are available 24/7 by e-mail or telephone. You can also
use this form to contact us.